Gold, Copper & Rose gold – Tips on Decorating with Metals

Gold, Copper & Rose gold – Tips on Decorating with Metals

How to incorporate gold, copper and other metals into your decor without overdoing it.


I must say that I absolutely love the copper, rose gold and gold trends, I like a bit of glamour.  However there are talks among the design community that these polished metals will fade-out and that a more industrial trend with brushed and burnt metals and brass will emerge.  Last year was the pinnacle of the rose gold and copper trend and it might just stick around for a little while longer because of its huge popularity and warmth. Gold however is an enduring finish that adds warmth and richness and will always be in style in some way or another.

Mixing different metals are also no longer the home-decor-taboo it used to be and is becoming quite the trend.  If you like this idea to mix-and-match metals, keep in mind not to overdo it.  It’s best to stick to 2 or at most 3 different metals, and mix warm tones like gold, copper and brass with cool tones like silver and chrome.

Metal finishes, especially gold and copper, couples great with other natural materials like wood and bamboo; this counters the extremely polished look a bit and adds texture. If you like a lavish look, pair it with marble. For something a bit rougher or natural pair it with stone or concrete.  My personal favourite colour together with gold or copper is white.

It is however very easy to overdo it. Don’t get carried away with metals, stick to a few, good quality, focal pieces or a few accents to create a timeless look.

Some Inspiration


Metallic scatter cushions are a cute way to add shine to your living room or bedroom.  I love these white and gold pillows.

Photo: Swoon Worthy


Metal Hardware

One of the best and natural ways to employ metals in your home is through hardware like door and cabinet handles and taps and faucets.  Why not replace your old wood or chrome handles with something a bit more interesting to brighten the room.

Photo: Becki Owens

These nickel faucets are absolutely stunning in this lovely bathroom remodel from Sincerely, Sara D. Although nickel is a cool metal the brushed finish gives it a bit of warmth.  This is a great metal finish for those who do not like a polished look. It is timeless with its understated elegance.

Photo: Sincerely, Sara D

Gold and copper pair very well with darker colours and gives contrast, I love the drama it brings to this beautiful black, white and gold kitchen from Swoon Worthy.

Photo: Swoon Worthy



A more practical and also economical way to add metals or metal finishes to a room is with a few small accessories. These are smaller and less expensive items and easier to add, switch-up or remove when you tire of them.

Photo: Design Crush



Gold cutlery lends a bit of discreet charm and richness whether it’s just tea and cake with a friend or a stunningly dressed table for a dinner party.

Photo: Design Crush

Photo: Design Crush


What do you think?

I would love to hear from you – What do think about metals and metallic finishes?

How do you incorporate metals in your home?


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  1. Sharon T.

    I am SO glad to see copper and gold making a comeback! You see copper faucets more often in the UK and they go well with almost any decor, from country cottage to Georgian or Victorian. I got very, very tired of the brushed nickel trend, which ruined so many great designs–I prefer warm colors almost always. Especially in rooms with tile, where water is used, it makes a huge difference to use metals like copper and yes, our old and wrongly despised friend, brass (but not polished!).

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