About Design Crush

Welcome to Design Crush, a Design, Home Decor and Lifestyle blog. Here you will find everything relating to making your house a gorgeous home. We will be featuring everything from DIY’s, freebies to organizing to just pretty stuff in general.

I know that a beautiful, organised and stylish home, is something we all want and dream about. But its not always that easy to achieve and even more difficult to sustain. That is what Design Crush wants to discover; how to make the best out of the home you have with the money you have in the time you have. Join us as we discover and share some home and lifestyle inspiration.

A bit About me.

I am Anneli, a designer from Pretoria, South Africa. I studied Interior Design at the University of Technology in Pretoria. After a few years working as an assistant decorator, a design & sales consultant and also freelancing in my spare time, I left the Interior industry to pursue my love for stationery and graphic design. After I launched a small stationery design business and online shop of my own, I still found myself very much in love with beautiful homes, decor and interior design and I wanted an outlet to share my thoughts, views and ideas in some way; that’s how I decided to start Design Crush.

I hope you will enjoy this blog where I spill all my thoughts and musings and feel inspired after each visit.


A Few Fun Facts About Me