Hygge: 15 Ways to make your Home Cosy this Winter

How to use the concept of Hygge to help you make your home cosy this winter.

What is Hygge?

Hygge has become quite the buzz word lately.  It is a Danish concept of living.  The best English translation for the word is “cosiness” or in Afrikaans “geselligheid”.  The whole concept is about living a comfortable and uncomplicated, uncluttered life.  It’s really about finding pleasure in the small things in life and enjoying special moments with the people you love.

Hygge in the Home:

How to set the tone and make your home cosy this winter?

  • Hygge is all about simplistic living, so declutter your home. Only keep things that you really need and love.
  • Set a light mood with soft and warm lighting. Maybe add some fairy lights or rather use table/floor lamps instead of harsh down-lights. Candles are one of the key Hygge items you will need in your home.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, use it!
  • A simplistic and calm winter colour scheme will help you feel relaxed. Have a look at our post about Winter Colour Palettes.
  • Throws, blankets and pillows, make your living space comfortable, warm and inviting. This also adds texture to a space that helps evoke a warm and relaxed feeling.

Hygge: Cosy Winter textures

Hygge Food:

Well I hope you’re not on a diet because we are talking all about winter comfort food.

  • Warm drinks like hot chocolate, Horlicks or some tea and coffee will do just fine, whatever you like. Try our recipe for the Best Hot Chocolate ever.
  • I love winter because I just absolutely love soup. I think I can live on soup.
  • Why not make a hearty oxtail potjie (stew) and invite some friends and family.
  • How about some warm bread with melting butter to go with that soup I mentioned earlier.
  • Enjoy some red wine with that Oxtail.

Hygge Winter Hot Chocolate

Hygge Lifestyle:

A comfortable and cosy live is at the end of the day more about the company of others, enjoying life with friend and family.  Laughing about old times and planning the future. Whether you have a large family or if it’s just you and a good friend, or maybe that friend is a good book and a glass of wine, make the most of every moment and be present.

  • Invite people over for dinner, don’t worry about the state of your home. Their home isn’t perfect either and if you are having a good time no one will even notice!
  • Go have that coffee with that friend you have been meaning to see, there is no better time than now. You will always be busy, that’s the great thing about time…you can make it.
  • Clean up the bathroom a bit, take out your special towels, light some scented candles, throw-in a whole bottle of bubble bath and spend some “me-time” soaking in the tub.
  • Why not create your own little reading nook in the house, get yourself comfortable and read that book.
  • Go for a winter Pick-nick if it’s warm enough and you have the courage to do so. Otherwise have an indoor pick nick or better yet have a fondue.

Hygge Winter Pick-nick


I hope you found some inspiring ideas to warm up your home this winter!
do you have any great ways that you use to cosy-up in winter? Please share your ideas with us in the comments.


Thank you to Pixabay for the images used in this post.

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